Athlete of the Month: Faith Scheibe

Posted June 1, 2017


Congratulations to Faith for being named Athlete of the Month for June! Faith consistently puts in two-a-days with Cycling and Endurance/RivFit!

1. What made you decide to join the Riv?

  • I wanted to try something different – had been a member of the YMCA and it just wasn’t cutting it.  There’s a different feel at the Riv that really motivates me!

2. How has RIV Athletics helped you reach some of your fitness goals?

  • My passion is backpacking and before I got serious at the Riv, my treks were filled with struggles – mostly physical.  Since I’ve gotten into better shape, backpacking is so much more enjoyable.  I went for a solo hike a month ago – that was probably the best trip of my life!!
3. What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved on most?
  • Favorite workouts:  RivFit, Endurance, & Sprint!  I know I’m improving when the 10 lbs dumbbells became too light & I needed to increase!!
4. What is your favorite part of the Riv?
  • I love that I’m constantly encouraged by the coaches – to do the best that I can, to push myself further.  It doesn’t matter that I’m not one of the many elite athletes at the Riv, they treat everyone with respect, encouragement, & enthusiastic support -even us beginners & novices!!  I have always felt welcomed!!

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