RIV Athletics Class Types


If you are a drop-in to a CrossFit WOD, you must have an email sent to info@rivathletics.com from your box stating that you have been trained on the fundamental movements (squat, snatch, clean, jerk, etc.) of CrossFit.

CrossFit WOD

CrossFit (WOD) is an ideal class for anyone who wants to experience a high intensity, whole body, muscular endurance workout! Our experienced team of coaches design workouts around simple and functional movements that strengthens and enhances your body. The universal scalability of CrossFit means that anyone, at any skill level, can jump into a class at any time and pick up the movements, the concepts, and the intensity level.

In order to begin CrossFit classes, it is required to take our Elements series.  Each new member goes through our Elements course, which is a small class setting for brand new athletes. You will learn the fundamental movements, the proper way to move, and get personalized attention from a coach. It’s a chance for us to see where you are beginning and to better coach you once you are in a CrossFit class. 

Sample Workout:


Every 90 seconds for 6 Rounds:

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Jerk (weightlifting)


20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

  • 200m run (metabolic conditioning)
  • 5 hang cleans (weightlifting)
  • 5 front squats (strength, metabolic conditioning)
  • 5 handstand push-ups (strength, gymnastics)

RIV Cycling

Riv Athletics Cycling Program will consist of FIVE classes to help you gain strength, improve endurance, and make you a complete athlete! Contact Us if you’re interested in learning more and ask how you can try your first class for FREE!

The Basics:

We ask that you arrive ten minutes prior to class so you can check in and find your bike. Five minutes before class the instructor will go over “Stages Fit” to get all our riders in the “safe zone”, making sure your bike fits you comfortably and keeps you safe. Each athlete will have their own pair of Sound Off™ headphones so they don’t miss a single cue. These classes are results-driven training with intense drills and calorie-burning cardio coupled with motivating music from Sound Off™ wireless headphones.


Performance based class designed to push your limits as you challenge yourself with intense drills set to motivating music. Energetic, competitive, and results-driven, this workout is the ride of your life. +Opt in for on-screen metrics and a post-workout summary email to view your workout stats! 55 minutes of drills, climbs, and sprints will have you dripping sweat and feeling great. For all levels.

Cycle & Build:

Performance balanced with strength. This class will get your heart pumping with an energetic ride through sprints, drills, & climbs. During the ride we will incorporate intervals off the bike and build strength in you shoulders, back, arms and core utilizing weights, bands and more. We return to the bikes strong and ready for the next phase!

An amazing way to start or end your day! Invigorating cardio workout with muscle toning challenges while increasing your endurance – a full workout from head to toe! All levels


Performance based class designed to push your limits as you challenge yourself with intense drills set to motivating music. Energetic, competitive, and results-driven, this workout is the ride of your life. +Opt in for on-screen metrics and a post-workout summary email to view your workout stats! Add an extra 15 minutes to your normal Power Cycle class with more drills, climbs, and sprints will have you dripping sweat and feeling great.

Sprint & Core:

Combine a calorie torching Cycling class with an attack on the entire midsection. A 30 minute ride working your legs and core muscles building definition, while improving your cardiovascular range. Class will be complete with 15 minutes dedicated to you core! An amazing 45 minutes for a lean, strong & refreshed you!

All levels welcome- let’s get stronger together!


Results driven and high energy- this class is PowerCycle on “speed”. +Opt in for on-screen metrics and a post-workout summary email to view your workout stats! Perfect for your lunch break, Sprint is 30 minutes of heart rate rising, calorie blasting intensity. For all levels.

Sound off headphones:

Sound Off™ produces a wide variety of events with wireless headphone technology. Their wireless headsets let each athlete control their own volume and tune in to the instructor’s audio channel. Their wireless headphone technology helps us create captivating classes that can only be heard through their noise-isolating LED headphones.


Olympic Weightlifting

This is a 75 min class that focuses primarily on the instruction and improvement of the technical execution of the snatch and clean & jerk. Only Olympic and auxiliary lifts will be practiced during this class. The pace of OLY class is moderate and the direction is more focused on the technical components of the lifts. All skill levels are welcome, but Elements class must be completed before attending class.

Sample Workout:

  • Snatch – 75% x 3 x 5
  • Jerk – 75% x 3 x 5
  • Power Snatch + Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat – 70% (of PS) x 3+3+3 x 3, 75% x 3+3+3 x 2
  • Power Clean + Power Jerk – 70% (of PC) x 2(1+1) x 2, 75% x 2(1+1) x 3


RivMobility complements our fitness classes for many reasons, aside from simple stretching before and after workouts. Our mobility classes provide athletes with the chance to improve flexibility, strength, encourage quicker recovery, improved mental strength, and an overall better performance, both in workouts and everyday life. Additionally, our members will improve their breathing, balance, body awareness, alignment, and prevent injury. RivMobility is part of our FREE 7-day trial!

Open Gym

When the doors are open, you’ll have access to Open Gym! We don’t restrict your usage or what time you use the facility.

Whether you want to do an extra metcon, work on specific skills/lifts, or do your own programming, you’ll have space at the Riv. Our ‘Cage’ area is designated for Open Gym use and is equipped with two Olympic Weightlifting platforms, jerk blocks, a rig, and plenty of bars/weights. When no classes are scheduled, you’ll also have access to the main floor, turf, and all of our equipment. A coach will always be at the gym and available to help spot, start the clock, or give you that extra push.

Open Gym is included in the Premium and Standard Memberships. We also have an Open Gym only membership for $90/month!


RivFit is a non-traditional, high energy, 45 min long class to get in shape and feel great! This class is similar to boot-camp or circuit style training. RivFit is the class you are looking for if you like non-stop, fast-paced cardio without the heavy weightlifting! RivFit blends traditional and non-traditional fat burning workouts into a 45 min high-intensity session. This class boosts your strength, stability, balance, and overall power! RivFit is perfect for the beginner athlete looking shed weight and body fat, or for the serious athlete looking to improve overall cardiovascular performance. RivFit is part of our FREE 7-day trial!

Sample Workout:


8 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

  • Odd: 20 slam balls (strength, metabolic conditioning)
  • Even: 45 second plank hold (strength)


5 rounds for time:

  • 250 meter row (metabolic conditioning)
  • 10 burpees (metabolic conditioning)
  • 15 box jumps (metabolic conditioning, strength, explosiveness)
  • 20 sit-ups (strength)


Strongman classes are designed to build strength by moving heavy and awkward objects. Workouts will be short, challenging, and involve combinations of CrossFit and Strongman movements, along with power lifts. Athletes will become very familiar with HEAVY stones, tires, yokes, sleds, kegs, and other constantly-varied movements. Expect to have fun while testing your limits moving big weight and building functional strength!

Sample Workout:

  • EMOM x 10 minutes of 3 reps Stone to Shoulder
  • 5 x 5 Strict Press
  • 5 rounds for time of 50 meter Yoke carries (rest 1 minute b/w rounds)


The RivEndurance class will focus on improving endurance, stamina, and overall conditioning of the entire body. Our RivFit classes typically consists of a strength/skill portion and a metcon (metabolic conditioning). RivEndurance will consist of multiple metcons to better target the conditioning focus. The class will run for 45 – 60 minutes, so be prepared to sweat!! When the weather is nice, Coach Mike loves to program a lot of running! Don’t fear though, if you are not a good runner he can work with you to make you better! We can also modify the workout to a bike or rower if needed. RivEndurance is part of our FREE 7-day trial!


Sample Workout:

  • 10 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
    • 10 KB Swings
    • 10 SDHP
    • 10 Burpees
  • 800 Meter Run
  • 8 Minute AMRAP
    • 16 Mountain Climbers
    • 16 Flutter Kicks
    • 16 Plank Up Downs
  • 800 Meter Run
  • 6 Minute AMRAP
    • 20 Air Squats
    • 20 Situps
    • 20 Push Press


This fiercely energetic 60 minute class is designed to improve strength, conditioning, and coordination by moving you through intense exercises involving punches, kicks, and heavy bag work! FightFit consists of jabs, crosses, hooks, knees, and kicks that will get your heart and brain pumping while releasing tension and stress.

Forget cardio kickboxing… this class offers our members a fun way to develop mental, physical, and tactical strength while adding diversity to programming and, more importantly, enhancing their safety. FightFit is part of our FREE 7-day trial!


Teen WOD

CrossFit Teens is a core-strength and conditioning program designed for the teenage athlete looking for an edge over the competition. Classes combine weightlifting, bodyweight movements, plyometrics, running and rowing in a constantly varied, highly intense class. Our goal is to improve the athlete’s strength and endurance as well as focus and perseverance.
While this age group will begin to work with heavier loads, over longer time frames and at higher intensity, safety is of course the priority. Under the careful guidance of a CrossFit instructor, teens will learn not just how to get stronger and fitter but also the importance of working as a team, of setting goals, attaining them, and the benefit of seeing health and fitness as a lifetime pursuit. Whether your teen is looking for off-season strength and conditioning or year-round fitness, our program will challenge them to become the best athletes possible.


Sample of a Teen WOD:

Warm up

5 minutes of speed and agility work
10-15 mini of strength/skill
8-12 min WOD
4-6 min core
5-10 min stretching
Specific Example:
-Warm up and Stretch
-Speed and Agility Ladder
-Spend 15 minutes on squat form and technique.  Building to work weights
-10 min AMRAP: 10 pull ups, 12 Box jumps, 14 squats
-tabata Hollow rocks
-Stretch and mobility drills

Question? Get in Touch at: 302-745-2348 or info@rivathletics.com

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