riv cycling

We are excited to announce a big addition to the Riv, Cycling classes!!

We will have a number of different options for classes for both current and new members. Cycling will add a new dimension to our fitness program and will help with our members’ overall fitness!! Contact us if you’re interested in learning more and ask how you can try your first class for FREE!

The Basics:

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to class so the instructor can lead you through bike set up. Each athlete will have their own pair of Sound Off™ headphones so they don’t miss a single cue. These classes are results-driven training with intense drills and calorie-burning cardio coupled with motivating music from Sound Off™ wireless headphones.


Performance based class designed to push your limits as you challenge yourself with intense drills set to motivating music. Energetic, competitive, and results-driven, this workout is the ride of your life. +Opt in for on-screen metrics and a post-workout summary email to view your workout stats! 55 minutes of drills, climbs, and sprints will have you dripping sweat and feeling great. For all levels.


Results driven and high energy- this class is PowerCycle on “speed”. +Opt in for on-screen metrics and a post-workout summary email to view your workout stats! Perfect for your lunch break, Sprint is 30 minutes of heart rate rising, calorie blasting intensity. For all levels.

Sound Off™ Headphones:

Sound Off™ produces a wide variety of events with wireless headphone technology. Their wireless headsets let each athlete control their own volume and tune in to the instructor’s audio channel. Their wireless headphone technology helps us create captivating classes that can only be heard through their noise-isolating LED headphones.