The process is simple! Contact Us to get more information or stop in and check out the facility anytime during business hours! There is always a coach or staff member available to give you a tour and answer your questions. Take advantage of our Free Trial that includes 7 days of unlimited access to our Standard classes! These include: RivFit, RivEndurance, FightFit, and RivMobility!

To start the trial, come in about 10 minutes prior to ANY of the Standard classes offered from our Schedule. After you complete a waiver, you can begin your 7-day trial with no obligations! To make the process even quicker, fill out the waiver HERE and bring it with you on your first day!

If you would like to get started right away, check out our Memberships to see what package would best suit your needs! With the Premium Membership, in order to take CrossFit, Strongman, and Olympic Weightlifting classes, you will need to complete our introductory Elements course. Elements will cover the fundamental movements and skills used in those classes and is included in the membership cost.

Elements are (3) one hour sessions, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 7:30 pm. Each session builds off the one before it, so all three must be completed! If you would like to complete Elements privately and in one session, let us know and we’ll let you know your options!

“The hardest part is walking through the door.”


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