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Athlete of the Month: Julie Lemon

Posted February 6, 2018

What made you decide to join the RIV? 

I actually joined the Riv a long time ago, back when it was the old karate studio. My then fiance and I were looking for a way to stay active together and have fun. Now, fast forward 2 kids and a husband later, I re-joined to get myself back into shape!

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

The Riv has tremendously helped me achieve some of my fitness goals. I had my boys pretty close together (20 months), and it really took a toll on my body. Since June, I’ve lost 27 lbs and that’s without dieting! That’s just me religiously rolling out of bed at 4:45 A.M. in the morning with multiple texts from a friend asking, “are you getting up today?”.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most? 

I don’t have a favorite, I just like to keep moving! My favorite workouts are usually on Sundays. I like not knowing how many rounds there will be, and I enjoy partner WOD’s with the Hubs (sometimes, haha). As for improving, I would have to say I feel like I’ve improved in everything, even if it’s not Rx. When I started in June, it was like running/working out with a weighted vest on!


What is your favorite part of the RIV?

I would have to say my favorite part of the Riv is working out with my friends, gaining motivation by stronger athletes next to me and seeing results!

Athlete of the Month: Phil Garrett

Posted January 2, 2018

What made you decide to join the RIV?

My best friend has been doing CrossFit for two years and it’s taken him to new levels of fitness.  Levels that has improved his run times dramatically in addition to physical fitness.  He introduced me to CrossFit and then I looked for the most competitive box in Delaware.

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

RIV has done dramatic wonders for my cardio and strength.  I’ve shaved at least 15-18 minutes off of my 10 mile run time, which scared me because that wasn’t going all out.  It’s also done wonders for my Army fitness test.  I breeze by on the 2 mile run and max my pushups and sit-ups on the test.  I max the the test on the 18-21 year old scale.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most?

I greatly enjoy any of the bench mark workouts like Helen, Barbara or Debbie. I think I’ve improved most on my form.  OHS, cleans and lifting heavier weight.

What is your favorite part of the RIV?

My favorite part of CrossFit is anytime I have to push very hard and dig deep.  Also, the great chemistry between the members and coaches.  The team motivation from both members and coaches makes it fun and competitive!

Athlete of the Month: Connie Madariaga

Posted December 4, 2017

What made you decide to join the RIV?

         I joined the RIV last spring, when they were having the summer body challenge, it just seemed like a good opportunity to try something new.

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

        The RIV has helped me achieve goals that I didn’t even know I had before, it makes me want to push harder . Before my main goal was always just ‘weight loss’. However, after joining the RIV, some of my new goals are based more on endurance and weight lifting and becoming a better athlete all around, as well as staying healthy.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most?

         I am not sure if I have one favorite workout, because everything is challenging for me, which makes me excited to work out and do better during all the workouts. If I had to pick, snatches and cleans are fun, and my favorite class is OLY, because I get to work on my form. I think my cleans have improved the most, but its constant progress which I love, even if it’s a little tiny progress.

What is your favorite part of the RIV?

My favorite part of the RIV is the energy from everyone, athletes and coaches. My first few days I was intimidated , especially when walking through the WOD but everyone was and still is beyond supportive, they made me feel welcome. That’s honestly my favorite part, and also to know that as much as I want to improve on something , there’s someone  next to me who’s watching and wants me to improve or hit a new PR as much as I do.

Athlete of the Month: Tirath Dhillon

Posted November 1, 2017

What made you decide to join the RIV?

 A friend of mine referred me. I was looking to get in overall better shape.

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

My strength and stamina have increased tremendously since joining Riv Athletics.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most?

 Honestly, I do not have just one favorite. Each workout has been challenging in its own way. I have improved the most on my squats. All the credit goes to the coaches who have helped me achieve my goals.

What is your favorite part of the RIV?

Team workouts are my favorite. Partner WOD Friday and RivWOD are what I look forward to most.


Hiring! Riv Athletics Indoor Cycling Position Open!

Posted September 30, 2017
Riv Athletics Indoor Cycling Position Open!
Part-time job
Position Title: Indoor Cycling Instructor
Reports to: cycling manager, general manager, and gym owner
Classes: PowerCycle, Cycle & Build, Cycle & Core; you can instruct all if needed but we will schedule to your strengths as much as possible

Location: RIV Athletics, 512 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities:
1. Instructors must be able to teach all classes on the schedule (or be working towards it).
2. Ensure that the Indoor Cycling Studio is well maintained and safe for classes at all times. (i.e. Bikes in perfect working condition, all pedals with working toe straps, all Stages Consoles working, bikes and floor clean from sweat and dry prior to the class starts, etc).

3. Instruct a safe and fun class that caters all levels of participants. This means showing lower intensity/lower difficulty options for those who are not able, or do not wish to do high intensity/more challenging movements or drills.

4. Inform and educate participants while teaching class. Teach on and off the bike, move around, provide with positive reinforcement and correct form. Overlooking poor form may cause injury.

5. Stay current on the field of fitness and Indoor Cycling through literature you receive as well as by attending workshops and continuing education opportunities.

6. Always be friendly and cordial to all participants and staff!

7. Instructor should be present at least 15 minutes before the class.

8. Check microphone battery (change if necessary and place used battery in charger), prepare music and adjust music volume to participant comfort level, make sure the members ́ headphones are charged and ready; if using video, turn the TV screens on and play some appropriate pre-class music.

9. Introduce yourself to the class, announce the title and skill level of the class, acknowledge any new participants to the class or exercise, ask if someone has any medical condition or injury you should be aware of and make your best effort to accommodate a majority of the participants of the class while following the class level advertised (i.e. fitness component and intensity level used).

10. Make sure you take the time to establish verbal or visual communication with EVERY participant at least once during the class. Scan the room for those in need of correction, encouragement or help and always offer those with an open and empathetic attitude.

11. When the class is over, remind the participants of other training opportunities available at RIV Athletics, such as CrossFit, Small Group Training classes, etc.

12. Attend RIV Athletics Team meetings and In-Company Trainings.


1. Hold nationally recognized, current Indoor Cycling certification: Stages Indoor Cycling, Mad Dogg Athletics, Schwinn, etc.

2. Hold or obtain CPR/AED/First Aid certifications from accredited organization.

3. Familiar with cycling, anatomy and exercise physiology terminology and usage as it relates to class.

Indoor Cycling Instructor Guidelines:
1. Instructors are encouraged to participate and volunteer in RIV Athletics Indoor Cycling events, including Cycling and non- Cycling program events, Charity Rides and promoting RIV Athletics events in and out of Indoor Cycling classes.

2. Instructors will attend all Team meetings and trainings.

3. Each instructor is responsible for finding a sub for his/her class. The Cycling Manager must be notified if a sub is not found AT LEAST within 24 hours of the class.

4. Instructors will be evaluated on a semester basis. Evaluations will be conducted by the Cycling Manager. Each instructor will meet with the person who conducted the evaluation to discuss concerns, performance and career development opportunities.

5. Instructors are expected to teach each class according to the description of the class listed on the schedule. If you are unsure of the format, please confirm class design before classes start with the Cycling Manager.

Responsibilities to Participants:

Instruct members in the proper techniques and safety features of an Indoor Cycling exercise program. This includes:

● Proper Set Up/Announcements
● Proper warm up and cool down length and intensity
● Riding technique, movements and pedal stroke
● Aerobic/Anaerobic fitness
● Cadence, resistance, heart rate and power
● Stretching
● Educate and instruct members in the proper use of the Stages bikes, the Stages console and heart rate monitors.
● Approach and educate members in a polite manner on the rules and safety procedures of RIV Athletics, following the PEER principle:
● Polite words
● Educate on rules
● Enforce rules
● Refer (to Management) if necessary

512 Justison St
Wilmington, DE 19801-5142

Athlete of the Month: Guy Wellman

Posted August 2, 2017

What made you decide to join the RIV?

My wife had been doing the WODs for almost a year before I joined. I was committed to my swimming and various lifting and cardio programs, but after watching one of the in-house competitions, I knew I was missing out on something new and challenging…and I wanted in.

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

The RIV has helped me primarily become more confident with working harder at my weaknesses and accepting that it takes time to achieve my goals. However, once I’ve achieved my PR, time to make new ones.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most?

My favorite workout was from a STRONGMAN class:

50 power cleans @body weight

50 cal row

40 back squats @body weight

40 cal row

30 power cleans @body weight

30 cal assault bike

20 front squats @body weight

20 cal assault bike

10 power cleans @body weight

10 burpees over the bar

Thank goodness it was a partner WOD.

I’ve improved most with my lifting. I still have a lot to achieve, but as my technique improves, the weight is slowly going up.

What is your favorite part of the RIV?

My favorite part of the RIV is watching my fellow athletes go all in with the WODs. It doesn’t matter how old, young, fast, slow, strong, or new you are to the RIV. We’re all doing the WODs together and cheering each other on through the pain, sweat, and satisfaction when it’s all over. Then on to get a shake made by the multi-talented Gabby.

Athlete of the Month: Sarah Bozeman

Posted July 3, 2017

What made you decide to join the RIV?

I joined the RIV because I felt like working out on my own wasn’t producing any results.  I would get bored quickly and not push myself as much as I could.  I was looking for a group atmosphere that wouldn’t allow me to quit.  I definitely found all of that and more at the RIV.

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

I am certain that within the past several months, I have become stronger and fitter than I have been in a long time.  These workouts kill me and I love it.  Slowly I am starting to see muscles that I haven’t seen since I swam in college.  I honestly thought that there was no other sport or workout that could be as challenging as swimming but I have found it in CrossFit.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most?

Unfortunately, with work I cannot make it to RivEndurance very often but I wish I could because that class is awesome.  That class crushes me and in my mind there’s no reason to be at the gym if you are going to go easy and not work for it.  I also love burpees.  I think my biggest improvement has been getting better at each workout.  When I first started I felt slow and weak, now I feel like I’m so much better from where I started.

What is your favorite part of the RIV?

In no particular order I absolutely love the entire staff, the team atmosphere, and the competition.  The RIV has really become my happy place.  As long as I make it to the RIV every day I feel happy and accomplished.  The coaches are such wonderful people and I know the RIV would not be what it is without them.

Week of 6/19/17

Posted June 19, 2017


4 Rounds (each movement)- :30 on/:15 off

1. Alternating DB Shoulder Press
2. Tricep Dips
3. Tricep Extensions (with bar)


Bench Press: 5 sets x 5 reps *heavy*

Bent Over Reverse Grip Row (with bar): 5 sets x 5 reps *heavy*

Bent Over Dumbbell Flys: 3 sets x 10 reps


Eccentric Pull-ups (5 second hold at the top, 5 second descent): 5 sets x 5 reps

Ring L-Sit Hold: 5 sets of :30 on/:60 off

a. Straight leg, toes pointed
b. Knees to waist height

Week of 6/12/17

Posted June 12, 2017


500 Meter Row (sprint): 4 rounds

Rest 1 minute after each 500 M


Ring Dips (scale with box): 4 sets x 10 reps

Banded Tricep Extensions: 3 sets x 20 reps

Skull Crushers (Dumbbells): 4 sets x 10 reps


Hammer Curls (Dumbbells): 4 sets x 10 reps

Straight Bar Curls (Barbell): 4 sets x 12 reps

Heavy Farmer’s Holds (Dumbbells): :45 on/:15 off x 5 rounds