Athlete of the Month: Sarah Bozeman

Posted July 3, 2017

What made you decide to join the RIV?

I joined the RIV because I felt like working out on my own wasn’t producing any results.  I would get bored quickly and not push myself as much as I could.  I was looking for a group atmosphere that wouldn’t allow me to quit.  I definitely found all of that and more at the RIV.

How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?

I am certain that within the past several months, I have become stronger and fitter than I have been in a long time.  These workouts kill me and I love it.  Slowly I am starting to see muscles that I haven’t seen since I swam in college.  I honestly thought that there was no other sport or workout that could be as challenging as swimming but I have found it in CrossFit.

What has been your favorite workout? What have you improved the most?

Unfortunately, with work I cannot make it to RivEndurance very often but I wish I could because that class is awesome.  That class crushes me and in my mind there’s no reason to be at the gym if you are going to go easy and not work for it.  I also love burpees.  I think my biggest improvement has been getting better at each workout.  When I first started I felt slow and weak, now I feel like I’m so much better from where I started.

What is your favorite part of the RIV?

In no particular order I absolutely love the entire staff, the team atmosphere, and the competition.  The RIV has really become my happy place.  As long as I make it to the RIV every day I feel happy and accomplished.  The coaches are such wonderful people and I know the RIV would not be what it is without them.

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