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CrossFit WOD

Constantly varied combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics and cardio

RIV Cycling

Results-driven training with intense drills and calorie-burning cardio

Olympic Weightlifting

Training and mobility to improve the Olympic lifts for weightlifting and CrossFit


Improve flexibility and mobility to improve strength, prevent injury and promote quick recovery

Open Gym


Cardio Based Class



Endurance WOD Class


Cardio Based Class

Teen WOD

Teen WOD (workout of the day)


Meredith Ruggio
Owner, Consultant
Michelle Kasker
Genaral Manager, Programmer, Coach, Teen Coach
Adam Kramer
Green Beret Project Manager, Coach, Teen Coach
Chelsea Smith
Programmer,Coach, Nutritionist
Mikaelyn Austin
Coach, Teen Coach
Michael Simmonds
Abby Long
Front Desk and Cycling Coach
Francina Persaud
Front desk Staff, Redline Recovery Trainer
John Hanlon
FightFit Coach
Jacki Wahlquist
Cycling Coach
Joanie Husband
FightFit Coach
Mark Peters
Matthew Keen
Majesta Valentine
Shannon Matheny
Mobility Instructor/Owner Redline Recovery
Tori Grimm
Meagan McDonald
Cycling Coach
Whitney Potts
Cycling Coach
Lesley Frost
Cycling, FightFit Coach
Heidi Corbin
Cycling Coach
Natalie Rickerback
Cycling Coach

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Athlete of the Month: Julie Lemon

What made you decide to join the RIV?  I actually joined the Riv a long time ago, back when it was the old karate studio. My then fiance and I were looking for a way to stay active together and have fun. Now, fast forward 2 kids and a husband later, I re-joined to get…


Athlete of the Month: Phil Garrett

What made you decide to join the RIV? My best friend has been doing CrossFit for two years and it’s taken him to new levels of fitness.  Levels that has improved his run times dramatically in addition to physical fitness.  He introduced me to CrossFit and then I looked for the most competitive box in…


Athlete of the Month: Connie Madariaga

What made you decide to join the RIV?          I joined the RIV last spring, when they were having the summer body challenge, it just seemed like a good opportunity to try something new. How has the RIV helped you achieve some of your fitness goals?         The RIV has…


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